• Ampere Audio AA-3800.1D

    You will not find a better 3800 Class-D amplifier anywhere! Ampere Audio recommends this amplifier for experienced users with an upgraded alternator and additional batteries due to the massive power output potential.

  • Ampere Audio AA-6.5C

    The Dream Series speaker system provides a dynamic range and a life like musical realism that would please just about any audiophile.

Where Price Meets Performance

Ampere Audio was established in early 2013 to cater to the real basshead. Ampere Audio believes that sound quality and performance is the number one goal of our products. We strive to offer our customers the best service at an affordable price. The evolution of the consumers demand for higher quality products at affordable prices remains the key ingredient for future success of Ampere Audio.

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  • These are the best amps Iv ever used in 17 years in car audio. I've ran the 3800.1 and the 2000.1 and both are amazing and the ampere subs are great too made well buy a company you know cares about the car audio community. - Paul Bower

  • With a Zenon build amp, you know the kind of quality you are getting. At this price, you can't go wrong. 10-19 volts, this amp will never quit. I expected big things from Ampere and their amp build house and they have yet to let me down. Amazing products from an amazing company. For the price to RMS range, nothing else can compete. - Thomas VanSlambrouck


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